CFPS News Page moved

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The CFPS news page has now moved to here.

This page will no longer be updated.


Whistler 116

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Issue 116 of The Whistler Magazine has finally been produced.

We are having a committee meeting on Saturday, after which, we will
commence the process of stuffing and labelling.
It is intended that distribution to the Membership will commence on Monday.Pictured below is Simon Simpson,part of the Barrow Hill team working on
D335s bogie repairs.
He is seen after a hard days work taking a look at the latest edition which
had been fresh off the press, earlier in the day.



Welding repairs on D335

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Some pictures of the welding repairs to D335 are now available here.

These repairs are going to be costly for the CFPS so please donate whatever you can. See the CFPS main webpage for details of how to donate.

Some pictures of D335 as repairs commence.

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In the absence of a proper photo website below are some  photos taken today by John Stephens of D335 after it was lifted from its bogies so that repairs can begin (click on the thumbnails to see a larger image):

The Bogie not long after being separated from the loco.

The loco looks down on the separated bogie

D335 in the company of 37606

One of the weld to be repaired.

Another weld to be repaired.

Repairs to D335 to commence.

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Early this morning (Tuesday 3rd May), D335 was moved back into The HNRC workshop at Barrow Hill.

The loco was then disconnected from its bogies prior to the body being raised on the jacks.

This was in preparation for repairs to commence on the bogie cracks and also on the segmental bearing.

The welding work will start soon and it is envisaged that there is over 100 hours of welding to be done.

Once that work is completed,some work in the engine room will then be done.

No actual date for completion of all the work has been stated yet, but it’s pleasing to report that a time slot

has been created by HNRC to enable the repair work to start.

The CFPS would again like to thank Shaun and all The HNRC team for the massive amount of help they have given us.


John Stephens.

Retro Railtours… May 28th tour to Southend for the Air Show

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CFPS Member James Palmer who runs Retro Railtours is running a tour to Southend for the Air Show on Saturday May 28th.

The train starts at Leeds and picks up at selected stations including Reddish South, Stockport and Stoke.

Class 31 haulage has been requested throughout.

James was a steward on the CFPS Tour to Cambridge last September.

Noting that The CFPS are in urgent need of funds to meet the repair costs to our two locos, James had kindly offered to give a

commission to the CFPS for each person that books on his tour and makes mention of the fact that they saw the Tour details

on The CFPS Website.

James has also kindly offered the CFPS, the opportunity to have a fund raising raffle on the train

Details of the tour are attached here

John Stephens

CFPS Chairman

Easter Weekend

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The CFPS committee were active over the 4 days of the Easter Weekend in an effort to

obtain urgently needed funds to meet the large repair costs of our 2 locomotives.

Thank you to the following lads who manned The 40088 sales cab at The Crewe Heritage Centre.

Richard Clayton (Friday)

Nigel Bryer (Saturday)

Stuart Hood ( Sunday )

Steve Morris ( Monday )

Irene at The ELR kindly allowed us to have a sales stand on the platforms at Bury throughout the Easter period.

Thank you to the following who gave me assistance with that…

Nigel Bryer and Andy Walton (Friday)

Karl Crowther ( Saturday )

Andy Walton and Eric Davies ( Sunday )

Lynda Jopson ( Monday )

The total sales from both locations over the 4 days was £883.

Donations received totalled £119.

The combined efforts of Andy, Karl and Linda also brought in Raffle ticket sales of £300.

Total income from the weekend being £1302.

Thank you again to the above for their assistance.