A Thank You from the CFPS

September 4th wont go down as one of the best days for The CFPS as 40145s failure near Grantham cost us a bit of money that day.

However, instead of moping about it, we have been busy trying to earn more money for the Society and in the last 2 months with the help
received,we have managed to generate some £3000 in sales and donations.

A number of you offered to help us as we attended quite a few events in an effort to generate funds.

As I couldn’t drive or carry anything, The help and support that both myself and The Society received was very welcome and moral boosting.

My Thanks and appreciation go to the following for their help at the events….

Date Event Volunteers

11/09 Crewe Heritage Centre. Stuart Hood + Nigel Bryer
12/09 ” Richard Clayton + Andy Walton

25/09 ” Nigel Bryer + Richard Clayton
26/09 ” Richard Clayton + Shaun Higginbottom

02/10 ” Steve Morris + Stuart Hood

16/10 ELR DIESEL Event Linda Jopson, Karl Crowther, Nigel Bryer,
Richard Clayton + Dave Wood.

17/10 ” Karl Crowther, Eric Davies + Steve Jones.

23/10 ELR STEAM Event Grant Marks (am) Rob Purcell ( All Day )
24/10 ” Eric Davies ( All Day ) + Mark Hornby ( pm )

30/10 LYDCC Model Rail Fair Andy Molyneux.
31/10 ” Andy Molyneux + Andy Walton

06/11 ELR MIXED TRAFFIC Day. Nigel Bryer + Richard Clayton

Still to Come

27/11 Crewe Heritage Class 37 Event Pete Scott + Stuart Hood
28/11 ” ” Steve Morris + Andy Walton

In addition to the fund raising activity, work has continued on our two locos.
MARK HORNBY has been spending a lot of time on maintenance issues and managed to entice …

Mark Jopson, Mat Jackson, Lance Cook, Gordon Crawford and Seton Spencer to help him with the
hard messy labour intensive stuff help.

There was another chap, a young local lad from Bury who wears a Yellow Boiler Suit, who gave us a bit of a hand as well..

His name is LEE KENNY and his efforts on behalf of the CFPS have really been monumental.

Thank you so much to Lee in particular and also everyone else who has given, either time or money, to the Society cause
and kept the CFPS Flag flying high.


John Stephens


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