Repairs to D335 to commence.

Early this morning (Tuesday 3rd May), D335 was moved back into The HNRC workshop at Barrow Hill.

The loco was then disconnected from its bogies prior to the body being raised on the jacks.

This was in preparation for repairs to commence on the bogie cracks and also on the segmental bearing.

The welding work will start soon and it is envisaged that there is over 100 hours of welding to be done.

Once that work is completed,some work in the engine room will then be done.

No actual date for completion of all the work has been stated yet, but it’s pleasing to report that a time slot

has been created by HNRC to enable the repair work to start.

The CFPS would again like to thank Shaun and all The HNRC team for the massive amount of help they have given us.


John Stephens.


~ by cfpsnews on May 3, 2011.

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