Whistler 116

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Publication of the above magazine which was scheduled to be distributed Early April has been delayed due to the extra workload created by the repairs and maintenance required on our two locos.

Although, full repair costs are still awaited,we have been told to brace ourselves for some hefty amounts.

In anticipation of that, The Committee have been active attending events at Barrow Hill
and The EAST LANCS Railway with the CFPS sales stand in an effort to obtain much needed funds.

We have also been manning the 40088 sales cab at The Crewe Heritage Centre where there has recently been a lot of interesting activity.

When there wasn’t an event taking place,the committee, along with a small group of working members, have attended Barrow Hill to help with the work on 40145.

Our efforts and desire to achieve the funds required and return our locos to full working order have impacted on the Whistler Magazine.

We aim to have the magazine produced by the End of April.

When it does arrive through your postbox,please brace yourself ! as it will contain our latest fund raising effort, The Annual Raffle.

Please do make a determined effort to sell the tickets to your family and friends and help us
to erase the bleak times and recreate the years we took class 40 haulage for granted.

Apologies once again for the late arrival of The Magazine. With so much to deal with at present, something had to give and on this occasion it has been The Society Magazine.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and much needed support.


John Stephens


East Lancs Explorer Headboard for sale on Ebay

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The headboard from the East Lancs Explorer Railtour  is now on sale on the CFPS Ebay website.

This is the headboard carried when 40145 failed near Grantham last September whilst en route to Cambridge.

The auction can be found here or by copying and pasting the following link:


Please bid and help get D335 and 40145 back to working order.

The Mount Snowdon Challenge

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CFPS and the Mount Snowdon Challenge

Class 40 Preservation Society Fundraising officer Andy Walton hopes to raise funds for the CFPS by climbing Mount Snowdon.

He will be joined by CFPS Member Karl Crowther and his partner Louise Redgrave. The climb will take place on Saturday May 7th with the aim of raising funds for both the CFPS’s engines  D335 and 40145 which are both out of service at Barrow Hill

D335 is out of service and requires repairs to its bogies and 40145 requires repairs to its main generator. At present repairs are estimated to cost at least £15000 for D335 and at least £30000 for 40145.

If you would like to sponsor Andy and his team then please contact him on fundraising@cfps.co.uk.

Alternatively donations to the appeal can be made directly via Paypal to donations@cfps.co.uk or by going to the Class 40 Preservation Society website www.cfps.co.uk and clicking on the link.

All money will go directly to the appeal.

Tim Rogers – CFPS Publicity

Andy Walton – CFPS Fundraising officer”

East Lancs Champion Headboard now on Ebay

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As promised the Headboard from last May’s mammoth East Lancs Champion railtour is now on the auction site Ebay. Please look here:


The sale ends 27th March 2011 so please get bidding. Remember proceeds go to repairs to both D335 and 40145.

CFPS Photopage

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If you have been trying to access the CFPS photopage at: http://cfpsphotos.fotopic.net/ then you may have noticed that the page is presently (Saturday 12th March) not functioning.

The photos are hosted by fotopic and at the moment it appears there is a server issue with their website. Many enthusiasts who host their pictures with fotopic have tried to contact them about the problem but as yet no response has been received.


Two new items for sale from the CFPS

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Two new items are for sale from the CFPS:-

Trainspots – Northern Scotland.

Route to the Isles – DVD.

Details of how to purchase can be found on the CFPS sales webpage

East Lancs Champion Headboard sale – advance notice.

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Following the success of sale of Headboards from the East Lancs Ambassador and East Lancs Crusader, the Class 40 Preservation Society will shortly be selling, via auction on Ebay, the headboard from last May’s very popular East Lancs Champion railtour from Crewe to Penzance which also featured D1015 as well as 40145.

Demand for this headboard is expected to be high so we are giving advance notice of the sale.

The intention is that the board will go on sale on the evening of Thursday 17th March at 9pm with the auction ending at 9pm on Sunday 27th March.

Further details will be made available nearer the time.

Tim Rogers

CFPS Publicity.