The East Lancs Ambassador Testimonials

Following the CFPSs excellent East Lancs Ambassador we have been in receipt of a number of comments from those that travelled on the day. Some of the comments are lists below:

Just got home after a most enjoyable day trip to Edinburgh.

Thanks to everyone involved in making this such a great event, not just
those on the train, but also all those behind the scenes at CFPS, ELR
and EWS (and of course 40145 who also performed flawlessly and is a
credit to her class and her owners)

I wish that service trains were run with such efficiency, enthusiasm and

Also as I hadn’t received my ticket in time, special thanks to whoever
took the time to call me late on Friday to give me departure times, my
seat number, and to arrange the ticket to be collected on the train.

Superb Customer Service ! I’m already looking forward to your next outing.


Martin Banks

A note of thanks to you and your team who worked so hard to make yesterday’s East Lancs Ambassador trip the great success which it was.

My son and I had a really good day, including our time in Edinburgh where we were lucky to have such great weather.

The major rail businesses could learn a great deal from the way your team kept passengers so well informed about what was going on and also in the way they kept the carriages tidy during the whole of the journey. From your notes in the Guide I shared your concern that alcohol on board the train might prove to be a problem but from my observation most people enjoyed a drink and there were no problems arising. A really great time was had by all!

I hope the event was a massive financial success for CFPS and that the cash enables you to achieve your objectives.

Ian (and David) Kendal.

As a complete outsider as regards all that is CFPS (other than trying to support the tours whenever I can), may I please register my many thanks and congratulations on the way that the tour was planned and executed yesterday.
It was a shining example of great planning and thorough dedication to the cause of duty by all those that were involved both before and during the day.

Please pass my sincere thanks on to all those responsible,


Paul Winter(DTG)

Me and my 3mates really enjoyed yesterdays trip, it was fantastic.I read your bit in the tour programme and thought I’d add my two bobsworth. Like I said it was fab and i have nothing to moan about, just one or two points that I felt worth mentioning. I noticed how well you had put up printouts of carriage letters and your advertising poster. Next time you run a trip and put these up, I think it’d be a good idea to print off posters to stick on the internal carriage sliding doors asking people to open/close the door quietly and move considerately through the carriage when on their way to the buffet/sales stalls Perhaps it could also be included in the letter that accompanies the tickets. It got a bit tedious the way some passengers banged and clattered the door and yomped about. I probably noticed it more as i was sat next to the door! My other point is, i think its a great idea to run off the ELR straight onto the main line and I’m fairly clued up to why it took so long to rejoin it at the end of the trip but if there could be some way of speeding up the trip from Man.Vic to Heywood, I’m sure this would make trips like this more appealing to day trippers. Please don’t take this as moaning, i was really happy with everything.
Edward Lumb

My Thanks go to yourself and everyone for their hard work making
Saturdays Tour to Edinburgh a very memorable one and a great day out

Andy 40157

Many thanks for the excellent East Lancs. Ambassador. I took my brother in law along,neither of us have been on a railtour before.
We had a really good day and wished we could have stayed in Edinburgh longer… Many thanks.

The coaches were clean, comfortable and in Coach D we had an excellent steward. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the toilets were spotless even on the way back.

Thank you ( The CFPS) for an excellent day. I hope you can thank your partners on my behalf as well ( ELR / DBS / Riviera and Rolling Riot).

My only gripes ( and these are very minor) are:

1. The coffee was awful

2. On the trip back it took too long when getting back into the ELR. 2 hours from Bolton to Heywood…..

3. There was no chance to get a photo of the 67 coupled up with D335 if you got off at Bury.

Also, was the reason for 40145 running on its own purely for economic reasons ? Or did you have some arrangement with DBS in the event of a (unlikely) failure ?

I would like to travel with the CFPS again if you organise another trip.
Many thanks once again.

Mike Stephens

Just to let you know that our party enjoyed yesterdays tour which appeared to go very well indeed. An excellent day out, very well organised and the stewards were most helpful throughout. It was pleasing to note that there did not appear to be any trouble and that your requests for people to moderate their drinking appear to have been heeded, particularly given the recent bad press.

Hope you are feeling better now and you deserve a good rest after all your efforts to ensure a perfect day out.

Many thanks to you and all the team for all your efforts.



My wife and I would just like to say how much we enjoyed yesterdays trip.
We like to travel on heritage railways or tours.

We could not fault anything and from that I can appreciate all the hard
work planning and implementation of you and the CFPS team that went into
the event.

Of special note I thought your signage in the coaches was excellent the
best I have seen and the Riviera stock was very clean and tidy.

If you are considering further tours I can recommend Canterbury as a
destination, we went last year (with Green Express) from Rochdale via
the Calder Valley, ECML, North and South London it was a very
interesting and diverse route.

The only comment is that we would prefer to travel when the days are
longer just so you can appreciate more of the wonderful views.


John and Patricia Lemonofides

Great day out yesterday.
I travel on possibly 10 tours each year and i found this one to be the best run one yet.
The CFPS tour was run professionally and to time, along with clean flushable toilets.

As a fellow member i was proud to see you taking the time to do your PR bit at Edinburgh and on train plus sort all the problems on route, As i sat in coach B right behind you i could see you were under pressure from the off but you should give yourself a big slap on the back for the excellent work you did with the help of your assistants.

Tours like this could easily be run 2 or 3 times per year from the East Lancs to capacity, Judging by the amount of support that was given by the local community it could be a good earner for the society.

Once again well done John and all the team.

Mike Hirst

Well done to the CFPS and all it’s staff/members.

Thank you,

Richard Helliwell

Thanks to all involved for a very enjoyable tour. The ELR 40135/145 double act and Shap assault were particularly good.



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